Bovada Sportsbook Features

Bovada SportsbookWith so many sports betting sites popping up all over the web, it can be hard to know which ones you can depend on. Many of them aren’t licensed and can’t be trusted to pay out. The point of this page is to steer you toward a trusted sports betting site that you can feel good about joining. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time testing out various online sportsbooks. We’ve kicked most of them to the curb with the exception of an elite few. And now, without further ado…Bovada!

If you are looking for a sports betting site that you can trust, consider Bovada. It’s one of the most trusted sports betting sites for US players, featuring one of the largest sportsbooks and the most trend-setting odds. When other odds sites and sportsbooks get their odds, they turn to Bovada as their leader. Bovada is usually one of the first sportsbooks to post the odds. They also have a great selection of wager types. Did I mention Bonuses, mobile betting, and live in-game play? Well, we’ll get to that. This Bovada review will tell you everything you need to know about this sports betting paradise.

Is It Legal To Use Bovada?

Yes, it is legal to use Bovada. It operates completely within the confines of the law. The primary law that applies to sports betting in America is the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection, better known as PASPA. Because of it, no state is allowed to have a sports betting establishment except two: Nevada and Delaware. These two states were given a one-year period to draft their own sports betting laws. Unfortunately, if you don’t live in either one of these sites, you must use a legal overseas site like the ones we recommend. These sites are not tied to US law in any way, so you are free to bet with them all you want.

Is It Safe To Use Bovada?

Bovada SportsbookSafety is guaranteed at Bovada. It is one of the most well-respected online sportsbooks in the world, a place where like-minded people come together to pay tribute to their favorite teams…and make a bit of money in the process! Bovada is certified and licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, and is also the recipient of the Certificate of Good Standing, a distinction given to only the very top sportsbooks. Millions of satisfied members agree that Bovada is the bomb.

If you are worried about your money being safe and secure, never fear. Bovada’s site has been outfitted with the latest security protocols to protect you from schemers, scammers, scamps and scallywags. Bovada is an encrypted site, which means that anyone trying to hack into it will just see longs strings of code that makes no sense unless you have access to a special key. Your account also has password protection for whenever you sign in.

Has Anyone Ever Gotten In Trouble For Using Bovada?

No, this has never happened, and most likely will never happen. Bovada is one of the most trusted sports betting sites in the multiverse. It functions completely legally. It is based in Canada, so it doesn’t have to follow the provisions of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), or the Wire Act. In fact, there exists no law which prevents an individual US player from using Bovada. If there were any danger of getting arrested, Bovada would not be home to millions of satisfied US players.

Is How Do I Sign Up?

When you visit Bovada’s main page, you will see a rectangular red tab with white letters that says “join now.” Click it. You will be re-routed to a new screen that has a bunch of different fields for you to enter your personal information. You will be asked to create a password. Make sure the password is long and complex enough that no one can easily guess it. You don’t want your password to be “password” or “1234” or something that anyone could easily figure out. Once you’ve thought of a good password, click the red tab that says, “Open account.” Once your account has been created, you are free to make your first deposit.

Can Anyone Join Bovada?

Bovada accepts players from all states except Delaware, Maryland, Nevada, and New Jersey. This is because Nevada and Delaware already have their own land-based and online sportsbooks. In the case of the other three states, their laws are not very specific about sports betting. Therefore, Bovada accepts players from 46 states. Just make sure that you are old enough to bet in your state. The legal betting age changes from one state to another. It’s always somewhere between 18 and 21. Check your state’s age law for the details.

What Trusted Deposit Methods Are Available At Bovada?

Bovada has some very easy and no-nonsense deposit methods available for your convenience. Most people use credit or debit cards because they are so readily available. Bovada accepts both Visa and MasterCard. You have to deposit at least $25, but you can’t deposit more than $1,000. The fee is only 4.0 percent, and your transfer goes through within seconds. You can also use Western Union or MoneyGram. This is sometimes known as person to person or cash wire transfer. Western Union has a higher deposit maximum, way up in the stratosphere at $5,000. Both WU and MG have minimums of $100. Both take between two and three days, and include a fee of 4.9 percent unless your deposit is more than $300, in which case the fee is waived.

Bovada Online Sportsbook

What Trusted Payout Methods Are Available At Bovada?

The two payout method you can use at Bovada are rapid transfer (MoneyGram or Western Union) and check by courier. Rapid transfer takes just 1 or 2 days, has a minimum of #300 and a maximum of $5,000, and no fees. The other main payout method you can use is check by courier, which usually takes under a week. The min/max is $20 and $3,000 respectively. You get one free payout per month, but you must pay $50 for every other payout. If you go to Bovada’s online cashier, you can learn more about all of these great methods.

One important footnote that you might want to be aware of is that you are not allowed to make withdrawals using credit or debit cards. This is because of a 2006 law called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), which dictates the ways in which money may be transferred between accounts. The UIGEA has been rightly criticized for being unfair and unconstitutional, but the biggest controversy has to do with the way in which it was hastily tacked on to the end of the Safe Port Act (a law that had nada to do with sports betting in any way), without having been read by anyone in Congress. Talk about a sneak attack!

Does Bovada Offer Bonuses?

Yes, Bovada is known to have some of the best bonuses you can find. Their most popular bonus is the $250 sports welcome bonus. This isn’t just a deal, it’s a steal! You’ll receive 50 percent off your first deposit up to $250. No matter your betting interest, Bovada has a bonus to satisfy you, the member. If you like table games, try the $3,000 casino welcome bonus. If you are a poker shark, check out the 100% poker welcome bonus. To see a complete list of bonuses, visit Bovada’s bonuses page.

Bonuses come with a few strings attached. One of these is rollover requirements. What this means is that you are required to use a certain amount of real money before you can cash in you bonus. This is to ensure that you are serious about spending some money at Bovada and aren’t just trying to get free money. The other thing you have to worry about is promo codes. You have to type the appropriate code into an email when you send your deposit. This way Bovada knows which bonus you want to partake of.

Does Bovada Offer Mobile Betting And Live In-Game Play?

Bovada SportsbookYes! Bovada offers the most modern live and mobile betting that’s available at trusted US sportsbetting sites. Sign into Bovada’s live in-game betting page and get ready for a front-row experience! You’ll be able to watch the game live and bet at the same time. With constantly updated odds, you won’t be left on the sidelines. Bet on current or future actions, watch play-by-play recaps, and more! It’s the newest and most thrilling way to experience your favorite games!

Live betting is one of the best things since sliced bread. Living in the 21st century, we want the newest, best, and most convenient ways to do things. Mobile betting gives you access to Bovada’s sportsbook from the palm of your hand. Simply use your mobile device to sign in to Bovada’s mobile betting page, and you can now play the books from anywhere and at any time. If you are an on-the-go type of person, mobile betting was designed just for you. And with security features like GeoTracking, you’ll always know you are betting from a secure location.